Plant Parenthood

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Note Profile:

Top: Ginger, Lemon

Middle: Honeysuckle, Jasmine

Base: Amyris, Powder, Wood, Violet

šŸŒ±Calling all plant parents, this one is for you! A dynamic floral scent with notes of jasmine, violet, and honeysuckle. If your plants need a pick-me-up, then light this one up.

Additive free + Cruelty free + Dye free + Guilt free =Ā Making Scents with SenseĀ 

Burn time approximately 40 to 60 hours, dependent uponĀ proper candle care


Handcrafted 100% naturally-derived soy wax with simple ingredients

Multi-scented candle infused with natural essential oils create a clean, pure scent free from carcinogens, phthalate, mutagens, reproductive toxins, and other harmful chemicals

Perfect for small to medium sized rooms

Reusable 6 ounce jars with proper candle care

100% cotton-core, lead and zinc free wicks