Warrior Candle

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Note Profile: Lavender x Vanilla 

Top: Citrus, Bergamot, Buttercream

Middle: Lavender, Vanilla

Base: Eucalyptus, Powder, Cedar, Sugar, Bourbon

Support goes a long way, especially when you’re on the team of a #LupusWarrior like our lovely friend Nikki. Making Lupus visible is so important because warrior strength is truly inspirational. We wanted to make a contribution this year in a meaningful way. Sweet Moody Scents specializes in Making Scents with Sense. The dearest review of all time came from Nikki, as our eco-conscious candle served as a smoothing addition to her day, rather than an irritant to exacerbate her symptoms. Living with Lupus looks different for everyone, but it is our hope to spread the wealth of wellness and relaxation through the Warrior Candle. All May, a portion of our proceeds from the Warrior Candle will be donated to the Lupus Foundation, Philadelphia Tristate Chapter.